MultiStack Cloud Platform

One easy step for You — one giant leap for your project


MultiStack Cloud Platform

One easy step for You — one giant leap for your project

programming language

Easy to Deploy

No need to change code. Deploy your Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET and Python applications – all done using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.


Easy to Scale

Vertical and horizontal scaling made easy. Just set up the required triggers – the system will do it automatically for you, while load balancer smoothly distributes traffic across multiple instances.


Easy to Manage

Our intuitive dashboard has it all for developers: intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, team collaboration functionality and integration with CI/CD tools.

You just code

Deploy web apps in seconds, forget about administration. See how it saves your time.

Fully managed PaaS

We take care of all infrastructure so you can focus on development in our worry-free environment

Save time with ready-made applications

YesCloud offers a rich set of preconfigured applications for easy one-click installation

Microservices and legacy applications support

Support of microservices and legacy applications gives you more flexibility with your project implementation

Clustered and highly available applications

YesCloud offers proven mechanisms to fast and seamlessly implement clustering and high availability on our infrastructure

Zero downtime deployment

At YesCloud zero downtime deployment is achieved with the aid of automated traffic distribution

Out-of-the-box TCP and HTTP(S) load balancing

TCP and HTTP(S) load balancing is not an extra and is readily available to you

Free and custom SSL certificates

Choose between our free trusted SSL certificates or more secure and advanced custom SSL certificates

Easy applications handling

Scalaxy gives you the ability to hibernate, stop, restart, clone applications

Integrated CI and CD tools for automation

YesCloud is equipped with a set of tools for increased continuity for your business through automation of integration, delivery and deployment processes

Built-in performance monitoring and alert system

With YesCloud you get monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, IO with alert notifications

Dashboard and management tools

Native dashboard provides for an easier management with log viewer, file and config manager

Collaboration-friendly environment

At YesCloud collaboration is made easy through sharing between accounts with different access levels

Smart Pricing

YesCloud is all about scaling to your needs. With this flexible pricing model the price is dynamically scaled to reflect the amount of resources used – you only pay for what you really use, while keeping your costs as low as possible. Simply put, during periods of low load of your application (e.g. at night) you pay less, compared to the periods of high load (e.g. during peak hours).

You even can turn off your environments during weekends, nights, or seasons. You can adjust your configuration at any moment without an additional fee.

our services

Host with confidence

High level of performance and safety

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

At YesCloud we are very serious about providing high availability for all YesCloud Cloud services, including all levels of the platform: hardware, network and infrastructure. This is secured through our SLA’s: if we fail to meet this guarantee, you will be eligible to receive a credit to your account.

Datacentr Serverius Tier-3

We contractually guarantee data location in Netherlands. All of our Flow Cloud services are built on top of a high available and secure Cloud Platform, with data centers independently certified to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 specifications as of 2019.

In-house Support

ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS have access to our in-house around-the-clock support, 24/7/365. We value our customers and we do not outsource our customer care: we guarantee a friendly, helpful and highly professional support experience at all times.

DDOS Protection

Our platform is based on a leading DDoS Protection Cloud in Europe to provide for more secure and continuous operation of your business. Used by thousands of technical users, it constantly protects from huge amount of DDoS attacks 24 hours a day.