Our Services

–°mmunication services, namely, transmission of voice, audio, visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, the Internet, information services networks and data networks;

Computer services, namely, cloud hosting provider services;

Computer services, namely, integration of private and public cloud computing environments; Consulting services in the field of cloud computing;

Development of computer platforms;

Platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for launching and scaling applications;

Providing temporary use of non-downloadable web-based decentralized applications (DApps) for cloud storage of data for others;

Providing virtual computer systems and virtual computer environments through cloud computing;

Technical consulting services in the fields of datacenter architecture, public and private cloud computing solutions, and evaluation and implementation of internet technology and services;

Technical support services, namely, remote and on-site infrastructure management services for monitoring, administration and management of public and private cloud computing IT and application systems;